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Grow more. Go vertical.

compact growth | vertical racking for cannabis agriculture growers

Compact Growth’s mobile, vertical growth system lets you grow more in the same space.


Our Compact Growth system provides the most efficient environment for cannabis growing, reducing the necessary footprint and saving energy costs as well as real estate. The vertical growth system, along with our bolted racking system, are key components to the overall ease of reconfiguration and maintenance.

Increase Efficiency: 4X more plants/square foot with 3X canopy
Increase Profitability: 40% less cost per gram
Speed Up Growth: 150 days to first harvest
Support Sustainability: Optimizes energy
Realize Quality:  Maximizes durability, minimizes maintenance
Ensure Compliance: Safe and compliant with regulations

You are the expert in growing.
We are the experts
in storage solutions.

Compact Growth is a provider of racking and shelving systems and solutions. The vertical growth system is designed specifically to maximize efficiency and profitability for cannabis and other agricultural producers. And, with the full spectrum of our products and services, we can assist you from design and installation through growing to distribution and retail.

  • Design, layout and compliance assistance

  • Expert installation and maintenance

  • Bolted racking system for ease of as-needed reconfiguration and maintenance

  • Electrical and lighting systems

  • Compatible with flooring and drainage needs

  • Mobile shelving control options

  • Additional products available for storage, distribution, and retail


Compact Growth’s racking and shelving products support cannabis and other agricultural operations in all stages, from drying, packaging, and storage, to distribution and retail.


Vertical Growth System


Metal Shelving


Carton Flow, Pallet Flow, Pushback Selective Racking

compact growth | cannabis picking and storage solutions


Compact Growth’s experience and expertise will help you get the most out of your agricultural vertical growth, staging, and distribution systems from day one.

We offer complete layout designs; efficient and reliable construction; timely, cost-effective maintenance; and expertise on compliance with today’s strict mandatory industry requirements. We also offer our products and services at competitive prices with superior customer service.




Compliance & Safety

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